Follow Me: Why Seton Hall University would Benefit From Having a News Blog

Dear President Esteban and Seton Hall University Administrators,

Did you know that 81 percent of U.S. online consumers trust information from blogs over other sources? That number is only going up too as society gets more reliant on the Internet for information.

Therefore, it is part of Seton Hall University’s responsibility to be a part of the blogger-verse and put out information on higher education that people can rely on. Seton Hall could be the main source for information on higher education.

Kilgannon Public Relations would love the opportunity to assist you in creating a blog that will set Seton Hall University as a thought leader among students current and potential, professors and with other colleges and universities.

But first, what exactly is a blog? The answer is actually quite simple. A blog is just a different way to publish content. Blogging is not a writing style; it is, in technical terms, a content-management system. The three main characteristics of a blog are that it is a constantly updated Web site with entries in reverse chronological order, each entry has a headline and a body including external links and photos and it contains a place for readers to comment on their thoughts about the article. So really a blog is simply a specific way of posting content.

This leads to why blogs are such great public relations tools. Journalists and the public love blogs due to their conversational tones and feedback mechanisms that build trust and insight conversation. Blogging is also a trend, and in that way Seton Hall can benefit with keeping up with societal development.

What is also so important about two-way communication with readers through comments and feedback is that it builds a relationship with the public that would not exist in other forms of news communication. Blogs make controlled messaging obsolete.

As well, it is an effective tactic for public relations professionals to connect with other bloggers. Bloggers love when organizations give products to use, ask for feedback and create relationships. Even talking about bloggers in Seton Hall’s own blog posts could benefit the university as a thought leader. Having strong connections to other bloggers through having a blog will only benefit Seton Hall University.

A blog would not stop at Seton Hall either. Having a blog will help create an effective brand for yourself. The audience you wish to influence like students, other universities and professors will trust and support you specifically and Seton Hall through the relatable brand established in your potential blog. With an effective blog, you as the leader of Seton Hall University will become the leader in the conversation on higher education.

So let me help you tell the world how the Seton Hall University President leads higher education. Be the hero that higher education reform needs.

Here is also a comprehensive list of other university president blogs to follow:

Also, a step-by-step video on how to make a blog for beginners!


Author: mollymeller

My name is Molly and I am currently a senior Public Relations major and Music Technology minor at Seton Hall University. I also am the Station Manager of Marconi Award winning college radio station WSOU, and known by listeners as DJ Mothra on-air. This blog is for my COJR 3422 class at Seton Hall.

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