Music Blogs I Follow

I read this blog almost everyday to get information on Metal bands for WSOU and to see what’s going on with various bands. Metal Injection talks about a lot of the bigger Metal bands (i.e. Metallica, Black Sabbath) which is good to talk about on-air as a DJ and just keep up with for general knowledge.

This blog gives information on Metal music but also other genres under that umbrella like punk and hardcore. This blog helps me keep up more specifically with bands I really enjoy in the Metal scene like YOB or Conan. Brooklyn Vegan also covers a lot about bands touring.

I use Pitchfork to discover up and coming bands in Metal or even Indie occasionally because the blog reviews a lot of albums that come out from bands that are not big until they basically write about them.


Author: mollymeller

My name is Molly and I am currently a senior Public Relations major and Music Technology minor at Seton Hall University. I also am the Station Manager of Marconi Award winning college radio station WSOU, and known by listeners as DJ Mothra on-air. This blog is for my COJR 3422 class at Seton Hall.

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