Let’s Chat: How Twitter Chats are Great Sfor Personal and Professional Social Media Communication

Last week, I participated in a riveting Twitter chat discussion named #SHUTransition.

The biggest takeaway from the chat has to be the ease of communicating a specific topic amongst peers. Without the chat, the hashtag would not be as easy to access in terms of communicating with a specific group of people. A Twitter chat definitely helps in interacting and sharing insight with a group of professionals or peers.

I also found that the twitter chat made it easy to share ideas on a topic and develop insight without having to sort through every opinion out there. Having a more intimate discussion allows thoughts to be shared on a more personal and targeted level for the specific chat. I feel that I was able to connect directly with specific people rather than a plethora of people who have an opinion on the topic.

One drawback of the chat was that it did not make it easy to find others or my own tweets outside of the chat itself. If I did not save the tweets for the purpose of the COJR class, I probably would have forgotten most of what was said.

Overall, the Twitter chat experience was a positive one. Twitter Chats create a type of personalization that is not always seen in the broad reach of the Twitter-verse. As I advance my career I will definitely be on the lookout for more, especially relating to Public Relations and social media.

Here are a few of the Tweets I had that were featured in the chat:

This is one of the broader topics addressed in the chat in relation to President Estaban stepping down. Seton Hall has a serious flaw in their means of communication where they do not create enough conversation around larger issues with students.

Nick makes a great observation. Seton Hall can definitely try and help themselves in the future when electing a new president by strategically releasing information like DePaul did.

I think this also brings a point to the issue of rumors Seton Hall’s email about President Estaban ensued. Now, a lot of people will believe that Chris Christie is in line as the next president of Seton Hall even though that is completely unconfirmed.

In addition, a couple notable tweets from other students in the chat:

Marianne made an excellent point here. A lot of rumors developed due to Seton Hall’s lack of response, including an unpopular potential replacement.

Brittany also addresses the bigger issue of one-way communication with her hashtag #AskDrEstaban. It almost seems like Estaban is not a part of the discussion of his own resignation.

This chat definitely evaluated a short-term issue and revealed long-term consequences of some of Seton Hall’s communications methods. In fact, Seton Hall University might even benefit from a nice Twitter Chat.


Author: mollymeller

My name is Molly and I am currently a senior Public Relations major and Music Technology minor at Seton Hall University. I also am the Station Manager of Marconi Award winning college radio station WSOU, and known by listeners as DJ Mothra on-air. This blog is for my COJR 3422 class at Seton Hall.

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