SHU Discusses What’s Up with This Year’s Warped Tour Lineup

Warped Tour took on a totally different meaning with this year’s lineup. Bands like Hatebreed, Municipal Waste and Candiria are replacing traditional Warped Tour acts like Falling in Reverse, Chiodos and Motion City Soundtrack.

Basically, for those who don’t speak “band”, Warped Tour is going from appeasing emo teenagers to hardcore dads.

The reason why this year’s Warped Tour line-up is relevant to be covered on location at Seton Hall University is because a lot of young college-aged kids went to Warped Tour or heard of it growing up. Also, many have opinions on the change in line up, both positive and negative.

The first question I asked students was Do you like any bands on the Warped Tour lineup this year? This is an important question because it reveals whether the interviewee likes the changes made to this year’s Warped Tour, or if the bands just do not suit their tastes.

The second question was How do you feel about this year’s lineup compared to previous years? This question tells whether the student actually likes this year’s lineup, or if they miss the old Warped Tour.

Finally, the third question was Do you want to go to Warped Tour this year? Why or Why Not? This question allows the person interviewed to elaborate on their opinion of the lineup and tells whether this is a good direction for the festival.

The hashtag I chose was #Warpedtour since the discussion about the new lineup has been a hot debate on Twitter, with a lot of fans of the old Warped Tour not happy.


The First Person I interviewed was senior Journalism major Katie Fatzler

Katie is a long time Warped Tour attendee, however, she definitely prefers the classic lineup to this year’s. This shows how the new Warped Tour lineup is losing their old post-hardcore and emo fans because of the heavier selection of music.

The second person I interviewed was junior History major Garren Lewis.

Garren is the new audience Warped Tour is appealing to, the hardcore community. Although never attending Warped Tour in the past, Garren is considering going this year because of the heavier lineup. This demonstrates the change in musical demographic from long time emo fans like Katie and devout Hardcore fans like Garren.

The third person I interviewed was senior Sports Management Major Grant Palluzi

Grant is somewhere in the middle. Also never attending Warped Tour before, he favors some post-hardcore bands, but definitely is not into the Hardcore scene. Grant always wanted to go to Warped Tour, however, he might not go now because of the change in music is to a somewhat niche market.

Overall, the Warped Tour change in lineup has definitely affected who will be going this year. The crowd will go from emo to hardcore, and not everyone is on board with that, but hardcore fans are excited to have a festival for themselves this year.

So if you go to Warped Tour this year, make sure to swap your Black Veil Brides t-shirt with Gwar, because it is about to get real in this pit.


Author: mollymeller

My name is Molly and I am currently a senior Public Relations major and Music Technology minor at Seton Hall University. I also am the Station Manager of Marconi Award winning college radio station WSOU, and known by listeners as DJ Mothra on-air. This blog is for my COJR 3422 class at Seton Hall.

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