SHU Discusses What’s Up with This Year’s Warped Tour Lineup

Warped Tour took on a totally different meaning with this year’s lineup. Bands like Hatebreed, Municipal Waste and Candiria are replacing traditional Warped Tour acts like Falling in Reverse, Chiodos and Motion City Soundtrack.

Basically, for those who don’t speak “band”, Warped Tour is going from appeasing emo teenagers to hardcore dads.

The reason why this year’s Warped Tour line-up is relevant to be covered on location at Seton Hall University is because a lot of young college-aged kids went to Warped Tour or heard of it growing up. Also, many have opinions on the change in line up, both positive and negative.

The first question I asked students was Do you like any bands on the Warped Tour lineup this year? This is an important question because it reveals whether the interviewee likes the changes made to this year’s Warped Tour, or if the bands just do not suit their tastes.

The second question was How do you feel about this year’s lineup compared to previous years? This question tells whether the student actually likes this year’s lineup, or if they miss the old Warped Tour.

Finally, the third question was Do you want to go to Warped Tour this year? Why or Why Not? This question allows the person interviewed to elaborate on their opinion of the lineup and tells whether this is a good direction for the festival.

The hashtag I chose was #Warpedtour since the discussion about the new lineup has been a hot debate on Twitter, with a lot of fans of the old Warped Tour not happy.


The First Person I interviewed was senior Journalism major Katie Fatzler

Katie is a long time Warped Tour attendee, however, she definitely prefers the classic lineup to this year’s. This shows how the new Warped Tour lineup is losing their old post-hardcore and emo fans because of the heavier selection of music.

The second person I interviewed was junior History major Garren Lewis.

Garren is the new audience Warped Tour is appealing to, the hardcore community. Although never attending Warped Tour in the past, Garren is considering going this year because of the heavier lineup. This demonstrates the change in musical demographic from long time emo fans like Katie and devout Hardcore fans like Garren.

The third person I interviewed was senior Sports Management Major Grant Palluzi

Grant is somewhere in the middle. Also never attending Warped Tour before, he favors some post-hardcore bands, but definitely is not into the Hardcore scene. Grant always wanted to go to Warped Tour, however, he might not go now because of the change in music is to a somewhat niche market.

Overall, the Warped Tour change in lineup has definitely affected who will be going this year. The crowd will go from emo to hardcore, and not everyone is on board with that, but hardcore fans are excited to have a festival for themselves this year.

So if you go to Warped Tour this year, make sure to swap your Black Veil Brides t-shirt with Gwar, because it is about to get real in this pit.


Join WSOU FM in Celebrating its 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

This is for my COJR 3422 class

South Orange, N.J. – 89.5 FM WSOU, Seton Hall Pirate Radio, is hosting its annual Hall of Fame event on the Seton Hall University campus Saturday, April 8 at 7 p.m.


The event will honor the 2017 WSOU Hall of Fame inductees Matt Loughlin, class of 1979, and Pete Tauriello, class of 1976, as well as Richard Koziol who is awarded posthumously. Both Loughlin and Tauriello will give words at the event. The Distinguished Young Alumnus Award will also be presented to George Roskos, class of 2009.


“It is a great experience to be able to work with Alumni Relations in putting together the WSOU Hall of Fame event each year,” said WSOU General Manager Mark Maben. “We get to honor and bring together alumni across generations of WSOU.”

All inductees are WSOU Alumni who are distinguished by various successes and for their efforts in giving back to the station.

Loughlin is a Play-by-Play announcer for the New Jersey Devils, Tauriello is a Traffic Reporter for 1010 WINS and Roskos owns his own record label and studio, Architekt Music. Koziol was the WSOU Director of Engineering till 1968.

Beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served during the event. WSOU alumni and current students are encouraged to come and celebrate as well as network.


“The Hall of Fame event is a great place for WSOU staff to network with alumni,” said WSOU Station Manager Molly Meller. “I met my current mentor Rachael Draudt at the event last year which inspired the WSOU Mentorship Program.”

The event will be located in the 4th Floor Atrium of Jubilee Hall. Tickets for both alumni and staff are $20 and can be bought here. Donations to the WSOU scholarship fund can also be made at the event or upon purchasing tickets online.

About WSOU:

Broadcasting since 1948, WSOU is the student-run station of Seton Hall University. WSOU is known for its heavy metal format as well as its news and Seton Hall athletics coverage. WSOU’s signal reaches all five boroughs of New York City as well as most of northern and central New Jersey, with about 100 thousand listeners weekly. More information about the station can be found online at and on Facebook. WSOU is also available on TuneIn app and iHeartRadio.


Social Media Elements:




A New Chapter for Seton Hall University

Molly Meller and Megan Stolarz

  • Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban directed Seton Hall into a period of growth and advancement during his seven years as president. While many will miss President Esteban and his dedication to Seton Hall, it is important for the Seton Hall community to look to the future. The new president will be a new chapter in Seton Hall’s story of advancement. Through this campaign, SHU will show its appreciation for Dr. Esteban while keeping its publics informed on the transition to a new president. Seton Hall will be as transparent as possible with all updates on the new president. Staff, alumni and both current and new students will be able to participate in a heartfelt departure to Dr. Esteban and a warm welcome to the new president. In addition to consistent updates, this campaign will also focus on providing means of two-way communication between SHU and its targeted audiences. Staff, alumni, current students and perspective students will be more receptive to the changes if they are kept well-informed, are able to have their opinions acknowledged and are not surprised by unexpected changes or announcements.
  • Seton Hall Students – Inform and communicate with students about the resignation to mitigate negative feelings and rumors.
  • Seton Hall Faculty (teachers and administration) – To keep faculty updated on motives, changes and expectations while Esteban is transitioning out of Seton Hall.
  • Prospective Students – Capitalize on Seton Hall being in the news, using it to attract students, and assure that despite the switch in leadership Seton Hall is still organized and an excellent place for higher education.
  • Alumni – Ensure that alumni continue to choose to donate to and contribute to Seton Hall University even with the change in leadership.
  • Tweet 1: Seton Hall Students
    • We’d like to thank President Esteban for his 7 years serving Seton Hall and all his wonderful accomplishments. More info on our next president will be coming soon.
  • Tweet 2: Seton Hall Alumni
    • SHU thanks President Esteban for efforts in helping us grow. If you would like to help in the development of SHU, check out our Alumni page here
  • Facebook 1: Seton Hall Facultysmlfgnf

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. A Gabriel Esteban for his seven years here at Seton Hall University. President Esteban is an amazing leader and will be missed deeply. We send him our best wishes as he continues his career at DePaul University. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the next steps after President Esteban’s departure. Feel free to comment below with any questions, comments or concerns.

  • Facebook 2: Seton Hall Prospective Students


Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban will be stepping down as Seton Hall University’s president on June 30 to become the first lay president of DePaul University, the largest Catholic university in the United States. Under his leadership, new classrooms were built, a large annex was added to the parking deck, a new welcome center that will feature an event space is in the process of being constructed, and a new medical school was founded and will be ready to open officially next year. SHU has also seen an increase in enrollment and rankings and higher average GPA and test scores of entering students during his seven years as president. We thank Dr. Esteban for his dedication to the university and its students. We look forward to the new advancements the next president will bring.

  • Blog Post 1: Students and Faculty
    • President Esteban
    • My Departure from Seton Hall University
    • The blog would discuss why Esteban is leaving, what he enjoyed about Seton Hall University, what he will miss about Seton Hall, what students and faculty could expect moving forward and who they should contact for comments, questions and concerns.
      • The blog should have a comments section that is monitored and answered to
  • Blog Post 2: Alumni
    • John Borgese, Director of Alumni Relations
    • The Resignation of Our Leader, Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban
    • The blog would discuss President Esteban’s accomplishments at Seton Hall, How much the University has grown while he was there and how it continues to grow, how alumni can get involved and donate and where to ask any comments, questions and concerns.
      • The blog should have a comments section that is monitored and answered to


  • Live Tweet of DePaul Announcement
    • @SetonHall President’s new position as President of @Depaul University is currently being announce here (link)
    • James T. Ryan and President Esteban discuss his new start at @Depaul University
    • President Esteban continues the Catholic mission @Depaul University #stayblessed
    • Esteban gets new start in the #windycity one of his favorite places
    • Dr Esteban says “the key to my success is trying to work harder than everyone else” #values @SetonHall
  • Five Potential Issues from Students:
      • Concerns about who will be the next president, especially considering rumors (Chris Christie)
      • Students assuming why he left was unethical, due to corruption or for reasons unrelated to career growth
      • Students assuming issues in the ranks, that Esteban may have left because of problems between higher administrators.
      • Students assuming Esteban left for reasons relating to the graduation (it being on campus and not having a keynote).
      • Students feeling angry, under represented or loosing faith in the University’s organizational togetherness due to his departure.
      • Students becoming adverse to change due to the graduation announcement, the new Archdiocese and because of the president’s resignation.


  • Potential Student Questions and Comments with Answers:
  • Why did President Esteban resign?
    • Answer: President Esteban’s departure was inspired by his desire to grow his career and provide professional wisdom for DePaul that he gave Seton Hall over the last seven years. He will be greatly missed by the University.
  • Who will be the next president of Seton Hall?
    • Answer: Although Seton Hall is still considering a next presidential interim and candidate, we assure that the decision will not be taken lightly, and will be in the best interest of Seton Hall University as a whole. Students will also have to opportunity to give input once a new President is being decided similar to dean and administrator decisions.
  • Is President Esteban leaving on good terms with the University?
    • Answer: The University assures that President Esteban’s decision was based on career advancement and not issues within Seton Hall administration. The administration respects President Esteban’s decision and he will be greatly missed.
  • Is there any relation to President Esteban’s departure and the graduation announcement?
    • Answer: We assure that the graduation was planned separately and is not involved in the resignation of President Esteban. President Esteban’s departure was decided after the graduation was planned and does not relate to the graduation changes. He will also still be speaking at the graduation ceremonies.
  • Are there any more changes we can expect from Seton Hall in the near future?
    • Answer: We can assure all students that although sometime unexpected, change can also benefit Seton Hall to grow further as a University. There maybe some changes under the new President, but all decisions are in the interest of all students at Seton Hall University. If you have feedback on any of the changes made recently, feel free to reach out to the Seton Hall administrations office.
  • Facebook Live of President Esteban and then the new president (2 events)
    • Why I am Resigning
          • Facebook
          • People can comment questions and Dr. Esteban will answer appropriate ones in real time
          • Students can also “react” to the video as it is going on and can re-watch the video later
  • Meet the President
    • Facebook
          • People can comment questions about the new administration, the new president’s goals/ideas, random questions to get to know him/her and they will answer appropriate ones in real time.
            • This will give an initial personal connection with students and make them seem approachable
          • Students can also “react” to the video as it is going on and can re-watch the video later


  • Multi-Media Elements
    • Video –
          • Video of the new president addressing students and faculty (similar to the DePaul Video)
          • Show videos of the new president doing stuff around Seton Hall (i.e. eating in the cove, playing basketball in the gym, going to a Seton Hall game, wearing all blue, meeting the pirate, etc.)
  • Photos –
          • Pictures of Dr. Esteban and the new president together
          • Pictures of Dr. Esteban with his family preparing for the change in career
          • Pictures of Dr. Esteban and the new president separately with students
          • Picture of the new president being “sworn in” so to speak
          • Picture of the new president in the chapel and with the new Archdiocese
  • Live video –
          • Live video of the new president being “sworn in”
  • Quotes/Interviews –
          • Have WSOU interview the new president and Esteban for Pirate News Desk
          • Get student views and opinions for the Setonian and even New Jersey news outlets
          • Have students interview the new president and President Esteban for the Setonian
          • Provide quotes for a press release from President Esteban, the new president and various Seton Hall administrators

Let’s Chat: How Twitter Chats are Great Sfor Personal and Professional Social Media Communication

Last week, I participated in a riveting Twitter chat discussion named #SHUTransition.

The biggest takeaway from the chat has to be the ease of communicating a specific topic amongst peers. Without the chat, the hashtag would not be as easy to access in terms of communicating with a specific group of people. A Twitter chat definitely helps in interacting and sharing insight with a group of professionals or peers.

I also found that the twitter chat made it easy to share ideas on a topic and develop insight without having to sort through every opinion out there. Having a more intimate discussion allows thoughts to be shared on a more personal and targeted level for the specific chat. I feel that I was able to connect directly with specific people rather than a plethora of people who have an opinion on the topic.

One drawback of the chat was that it did not make it easy to find others or my own tweets outside of the chat itself. If I did not save the tweets for the purpose of the COJR class, I probably would have forgotten most of what was said.

Overall, the Twitter chat experience was a positive one. Twitter Chats create a type of personalization that is not always seen in the broad reach of the Twitter-verse. As I advance my career I will definitely be on the lookout for more, especially relating to Public Relations and social media.

Here are a few of the Tweets I had that were featured in the chat:

This is one of the broader topics addressed in the chat in relation to President Estaban stepping down. Seton Hall has a serious flaw in their means of communication where they do not create enough conversation around larger issues with students.

Nick makes a great observation. Seton Hall can definitely try and help themselves in the future when electing a new president by strategically releasing information like DePaul did.

I think this also brings a point to the issue of rumors Seton Hall’s email about President Estaban ensued. Now, a lot of people will believe that Chris Christie is in line as the next president of Seton Hall even though that is completely unconfirmed.

In addition, a couple notable tweets from other students in the chat:

Marianne made an excellent point here. A lot of rumors developed due to Seton Hall’s lack of response, including an unpopular potential replacement.

Brittany also addresses the bigger issue of one-way communication with her hashtag #AskDrEstaban. It almost seems like Estaban is not a part of the discussion of his own resignation.

This chat definitely evaluated a short-term issue and revealed long-term consequences of some of Seton Hall’s communications methods. In fact, Seton Hall University might even benefit from a nice Twitter Chat.

Music Blogs I Follow

I read this blog almost everyday to get information on Metal bands for WSOU and to see what’s going on with various bands. Metal Injection talks about a lot of the bigger Metal bands (i.e. Metallica, Black Sabbath) which is good to talk about on-air as a DJ and just keep up with for general knowledge.

This blog gives information on Metal music but also other genres under that umbrella like punk and hardcore. This blog helps me keep up more specifically with bands I really enjoy in the Metal scene like YOB or Conan. Brooklyn Vegan also covers a lot about bands touring.

I use Pitchfork to discover up and coming bands in Metal or even Indie occasionally because the blog reviews a lot of albums that come out from bands that are not big until they basically write about them.

Follow Me: Why Seton Hall University would Benefit From Having a News Blog

Dear President Esteban and Seton Hall University Administrators,

Did you know that 81 percent of U.S. online consumers trust information from blogs over other sources? That number is only going up too as society gets more reliant on the Internet for information.

Therefore, it is part of Seton Hall University’s responsibility to be a part of the blogger-verse and put out information on higher education that people can rely on. Seton Hall could be the main source for information on higher education.

Kilgannon Public Relations would love the opportunity to assist you in creating a blog that will set Seton Hall University as a thought leader among students current and potential, professors and with other colleges and universities.

But first, what exactly is a blog? The answer is actually quite simple. A blog is just a different way to publish content. Blogging is not a writing style; it is, in technical terms, a content-management system. The three main characteristics of a blog are that it is a constantly updated Web site with entries in reverse chronological order, each entry has a headline and a body including external links and photos and it contains a place for readers to comment on their thoughts about the article. So really a blog is simply a specific way of posting content.

This leads to why blogs are such great public relations tools. Journalists and the public love blogs due to their conversational tones and feedback mechanisms that build trust and insight conversation. Blogging is also a trend, and in that way Seton Hall can benefit with keeping up with societal development.

What is also so important about two-way communication with readers through comments and feedback is that it builds a relationship with the public that would not exist in other forms of news communication. Blogs make controlled messaging obsolete.

As well, it is an effective tactic for public relations professionals to connect with other bloggers. Bloggers love when organizations give products to use, ask for feedback and create relationships. Even talking about bloggers in Seton Hall’s own blog posts could benefit the university as a thought leader. Having strong connections to other bloggers through having a blog will only benefit Seton Hall University.

A blog would not stop at Seton Hall either. Having a blog will help create an effective brand for yourself. The audience you wish to influence like students, other universities and professors will trust and support you specifically and Seton Hall through the relatable brand established in your potential blog. With an effective blog, you as the leader of Seton Hall University will become the leader in the conversation on higher education.

So let me help you tell the world how the Seton Hall University President leads higher education. Be the hero that higher education reform needs.

Here is also a comprehensive list of other university president blogs to follow:

Also, a step-by-step video on how to make a blog for beginners!

All Together Now: A Review on Collaborative Journalism and Public Relations

Collaborative journalism is best defined as a practice where multiple journalists or news organizations work together on a news topic, idea or story. For example, the Panama papers are one of the most successful instances of collaborative journalism. There was so much news and information regarding the event that journalists globally began reporting together about it. This method was ideal in getting a large amount of news out to the public that was pertinent, useful and correct.

One best practice to collaborative journalism seems like common sense for the field. Communication is a key practice to collaborative journalism. Having either people assigned or a means of constant communication, such as email or social media, is integral to successful collaborative journalism. Without good communication, relationships between organizations and reporters will weaken and the project will loose organization.

A tip for dealing with the public on social media is to keep criticism that is constructive and try to get rid of criticism that may be extraneous or off topic. For example, a post by an Internet troll could be deleted when dealing with social media for an organization, but a product review such as those on amazon or a review on customer service in Facebook comments should be responded to appropriately by the organization as to help the consumer. Also, it is important to use each type of social networking sites appropriately. Twitter should be used for anything that can be replied to quickly, while Facebook should have responses with longer explanations or apologies.